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Recent Writing 

Camping with White Supremacists, uncovering homophobic attacks, and investigating illicit funding of North Korea - writing for our digital platform is a critical component of my work. For more examples go to CNN's website. 

Suidlanders briefing from CNN story by David McKenzie


They're prepping for a race war. And they see Trump as their 'ray of hope'


How a US group with links to the far-right may have influenced a crackdown on Ghana's LGBTQ community

Ghana Anti-LGBT victim in story by David McKenzie
Oil executive in story by David McKenzie


A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big. Some fear it could ravage a climate change hotspot


Part of award winning series 'The Vanishing.' 

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 2.46.45 PM.png
Anguished mothers in story by David McKenzie


Why did hundreds of Kenyans follow a charismatic pastor to their deaths.  

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